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DKDC/DIY Projects is a collective of dance and movement artists committed to the creative process and to producing dance works of uncompromising artistic integrity in a variety of traditional and non-traditional settings. DKDC/DIY Projects works in three distinct areas:

Creation and Performance - DKDC/DIY presents new choreography and performance works by Demetrius Klein and other DKDC/DIY members, with an emphasis on remaining true to the core values of modern and postmodern dance and continuing to explore and establish new directions. These works also seek to move outside the established boundaries of traditional dance performance.

Education and Outreach - DKDC/DIY is a socially conscious company working to build learning communities through traditional dance classes, workshops, residencies, and outreach. Special emphasis is placed on using movement education in non-traditional methods and venues, as well as bringing dance and movement experiences to underserved populations.

Collaborative Arts Presentations - DKDC/DIY seeks to work with other artists and arts organizations in collaborative and accessible presentation of original works.

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